Winter Photography

Winter photography? Nearly all photographers prefer the more colorful seasons of spring, summer, or autumn to winter, depending largely on their location, of course. Here in mid-Atlantic US, I’m blessed with defined seasons that make […]


Summer Infrared Photography

June, 2016 Chatting Angels, 2005 Here in lovely North Carolina, the Summer Solstice is drawing near. The 20th of June is the longest day of the year and the beginning of summer in the northern […]


Photographing Cemeteries – Respect

    One of the many lovely statues at Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, NC. By kind permission of Oakdale¬†Cemetery Management.   Shooting in cemeteries is something I have enjoyed for years. This is my first blog […]


A New Year, A New Website

  Hello! Welcome to the new website! I plan¬†to have occasional blog entries, as well as news of upcoming exhibits and activities. I’m thrilled to have this new platform to allow all to see my […]