Shot 2008, edited 2014.

James C. Williams, was born in Shelbyville, Indiana, grew up in Lexington, North Carolina, and now lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with his wife, artist Amy Funderburk, and several cats. Williams became a photographer after traveling in Ireland and being inspired by Sir Simon Marsden, who became a friend and mentor to Williams. Williams has a background in film/video production, and a degree in electronics. He has exhibited internationally for eleven years and has won numerous awards and a Regional Artist Project Grant from the The Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, which partially funded a return to England in 2010 to continue shooting in Cornwall for his ongoing series, The Ancient and the Sacred.

Williams’ archive of fine art images is primarily made up of black and white landscapes shot in Kodak HIE Infrared Film. Williams says, “My choice of subjects reflects my tastes: I enjoy dramatic imagery and art of all kinds. I appreciate stories, legends and myths as well as history, and find that the more colorful a region is for stories, the more interesting the people and landscape of that region are. A more recent fascination with medieval churches grew from my interests in decorative art found in medieval cemeteries and churchyards.”

Williams has recently updated his digital photography kit for color work, adding a Nikon D800. The D800 brings a quality, power and versatility his previous digital lacked. It is the perfect camera for his favorite form of color work, night photography and landscape light painting. One unexpected added bonus the D800 added is the ability to shoot high quality infrared images digitally, however Williams still has a stock of the discontinued Kodak infrared film in deep freeze for shooting at special locations.

Ever evolving, Williams has also recently added a wide assortment of lighting and backdrop accessories to expand into portrait shooting. He is active in the community, shooting for Twin City Stage, as well as numerous other events in and around Winston-Salem.

He is a fan of science fiction and horror genre films and books, the paranormal, comic cons (loves shooting cosplayers!), and a Halloween home haunter, as well as an aspiring mad scientist/alchemist prone to steam punk tendencies.