• Fine Art Infrared Photography
Fine Art Infrared Photography

The basis of my fine art photography body of work, infrared film is my favorite medium. I was inspired and encouraged to try it by the master of infrared film, the late Sir Simon Marsden. My favorite film, Kodak's HIE-135, was discontinued at the end of 2007, but I still have a stock of HIE in deep freeze, reserved for use only in very special locations. I am also now shooting digital infrared using my Nikon D800.


My favorite location for fine art photography is cemeteries, and my favorite subject in cemeteries is angels. I've found the symbolic and literal beauty of angel statues to be something I am drawn to time after time.

Dark Arts - Macabre in Monochrome and Color

One of my earliest memories is of seeing the 1931 film Dracula. Since then I have been a fan of the horror genre and of the "goth" aesthetic. Having traveled to and photographed many haunted locations, I've seen our world in a different light. This gallery represents some of my favorite images of that world.

Black and White Images

I differentiate my infrared film black and white from standard film and digital converted black and white images. These images were either shot on black and white film, or converted to black and white from digital color photos.

Scenic Color Stock/Travel Images

This gallery is of images suitable for stock application or other commercial applications. Since 2004, I've put special emphasis on my infrared fine art work. In my travels to create that body of work, I've amassed a tremendous library of color images that I've only recently turned my editorial eye to. I'm currently still editing many images from travels and now shooting much more digital color work.


Portraits, head-shots, promotional images of kind, family portraits, and special event documentation.

Commercial & Product Photography

Product and promotional photography for every purpose, optimized for web or high definition large print.